World Amazing Stuff: Missing Malaysia flight ‘Object of interest' found in Australia

Missing Malaysia flight ‘Object of interest' found in Australia

Australian officials say an "object of interest" in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines-MH370 plane has been found, but Malaysian authorities said it was too early to tell if it is a real lead.

Australian Transport Safety Bureau Chief Commissioner Martin Dolan described the object as appearing to be sheet metal with rivets and said it was recovered on the coast of Western Australia. They were found by someone walking on the beach who notified police. One of the objects is believed to be the length of a car with 'distinct rivets'.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is examining photographs to assess whether further investigation is needed and if the material is relevant to Flight MH370. Augusta is near Australia's southwestern tip about 190 miles from Perth, where the search has been headquartered.

The Australian-led Joint Agency Coordination Centre said in a statement: 'The ATSB is examining the photographs of the material to determine whether further physical analysis is required and if there is any relevance to the search of missing flight MH370.

'The ATSB has also provided the photographs to the Malaysian investigation team.'

The investigation could take days.