Control Engineer required - Dubai Airports

There is a vacancy for Control Engineer, The Dubai Airport's Engineering Services Department, presently looking for an experienced Control Engineer for Dubai Airport operations. The Dubai Airport is One of the world’s busiest and fastest growing international airport's in United Arab Emirates.

You are responsible to control and monitor all High Voltage (HV),  Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage ( LV) equipment and systems including chiller plants, water network, pumping stations  for which Dubai Airport has control (electrical danger). You are responsible to approve and authorize work related to electrical or mechanical equipments and, will permit work as the electrical safety rules.

You are responsible to overlook the electrical systems through SCADA and you are expected to provide 24/7 cover for all the operation and maintenance activities (E.g. Power Generation & Distribution, Chiller Plant/ Water Network & Chemical Treatment process teams).

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