Vacancy for Draftsman - EKFC, Dubai

Online job opportunity for a Interior Draftsman at Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC) - a subsidiary of Emirates Group in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. If anyone interest, please apply through below link;

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  1. I am Aghil Sathyan Working as a Draughtsman & Co-ordination. I would like to join with you. Feel that my literacy in the AutoCAD software and my ability to draft & Supervision proficiently with it would make me welcome addition to the team at national computing group

    To summarize my history and skills that I would bring, see below:

    · I am innovative and bring a refreshing take on shop drawing and other designs that are needed by the company

    · With over 8 years working with AutoCAD,3D & Supervision, I have stayed on top of all of the updates and new software editions in order to better perform my tasks.

    · I can design exterior or interior plans in order to come up with a complete construction workup.

    · I feel that creating a new building or interior design requires the work of a full team and not just one person. I would bring that attitude along with an energy and enthusiasm that would be a benefit to national computing group.

    · I feel that a meeting between us to discuss my credentials and strengths would benefit the company. Please feel free to contact me at any time at (0504116386) or email me at to set up a date and time.

    · For your information i have Oman Driving Licence


    Aghil Sathyan

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