World Amazing Stuff: Baby born in Philippine typhoon rubble

Baby born in Philippine typhoon rubble

Cheers broken out in the typhoon devastated airport in Tacloban, Philippines when 21 years old Emily Sagalis pregnant woman washed away in floods gave birth to healthy baby girl, called Bea Joy in rubble of Philippines airport control tower.

The girl was born Monday in a destroyed airport compound that was turned into a makeshift medical centre, with her bed a piece of dirty plywood resting amid dirt, broken glass, twisted metal, nails and other debris.

"She is very beautiful and I will name her Bea Joy in honour of my mother, Beatriz," Sagalis, 21, whispered shortly after giving birth.

Sagalis said her mother was swept away when giant waves generated by Super Typhoon Haiyan surged into their home near Tacloban city, the capital of Leyte province which was one of the worst hit areas, and she has not been seen since.

The world’s strongest cyclone "Super typhoon Haiyan" hits Philippines early Friday with gusts of 275kmph. According to the reports more than 10,000 people have been killed, still people are missing and thousands of houses have been destroyed. Many areas/cities are still cut off from transport, communications and power.