World Amazing Stuff: World's biggest fish farm

World's biggest fish farm

After golf courses in the desert and a ski slope in a shopping mall, the United Arab Emirates is now turning its hand to fish farm to produce luxury Siberian caviar and sturgeon fish in Abu Dhabi.

26th November 2013 Emirates Aquatic has launched the world's biggest fish farm to produce luxury Siberian caviar and Sturgeon fish in Abu Dhabi at land area of 56,000 square meters under the aegis of H.H. Sheikh Hamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chief of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince's Court. 

Emirates Aquatic, a company specializing in fish farming and production of caviar, hosted a ceremony on this occasion at  Emirates Palace to launch the project, which produces caviar in the farm under the new UAE brand name of "Yasa Caviar", with the maximum production capacity of 35 metric tons of caviar and 700 tons of sturgeon products each year.

The company uses latest technology and best operational practices in the world to provide fresh products throughout the year, reinforcing the status of Abu Dhabi and the U.A.E. as the world's leader in the production of caviar and the adoption of the latest farming techniques of fish in the world.

Mohammed Al Dhahiri, Chairman of Emirates Aquatic, said that the company was upbeat about the launch of the fish farm and Yasa Caviar as a new Emirati world quality product.