World Amazing Stuff: Most impressive bridges in the world

Most impressive bridges in the world

The modern bridges in the world can impress everyone who sees them because of their length, height, or aesthetics around the world. Please let's have a look at bridges in the four corners of the world that are true architectural wonders!

01. Langkawi Bridge (Malaysia)
It’s more than 700m above sea level, the Langkawi Bridge in Malaysia is a curved footbridge that allows passers-by to stroll above the rainforest. It offers breathtaking views throughout its 125m.

02. Q'eswachaka suspension bridge (Peru)
Its a last remaining plant fiber bridge in Peru, the Q'eswachaka suspension bridge is built from ropes and braided cords. Regularly restored due to bad weather, it cannot be crossed by more than four people at the same time.

03. The Royal Gorge Bridge (US)
In the American state of Colorado, the Royal Gorge Bridge was the tallest bridge in the world from 1929 to 2011, standing 291m above the Arkansas River.

04. Glass bridge of Zhangjiajie (China)
In the heart of China's Zhangjiajie mountains, this glass bridge is 430m long, and 300m above the ground. It is one of the attractions of the Hunan Province Natural Park.

05. Akashi Strait Bridge (Japan)
the Akashi Strait Bridge connects Kobe to Awaji Island, Japan. With a length of 3,911m or 2.4 miles (including the 1991 central span), it is the second-longest suspension bridge in the world. It’s opened to traffic in 1998.

06. Golden Gate Bridge (US)
Among the most famous bridges in the world, we find the Golden Gate! The famous red bridge, a symbol of San Francisco, was completed in 1937. The Golden Gate Bridge is considered one of the most beautiful works of modern architecture.

07. Arouca Bridge (Portugal)
With its 516m (1,679 feet) long, the Portuguese Arouca Bridge (or '516 Arouca') became the longest pedestrian bridge in the world in 2021. Suspended 175m (574 feet) above the ground, it is remarkable for the two 'V' shaped pillars built at each of its ends.

08. Hangzhou Bay Bridge (China)
Measuring over 35km (28 miles), the Hangzhou Bay Bridge is one of the longest sea bridges in the world. Opened to traffic in 2008, it connects the two largest port areas in China: Shanghai and Ningbo.

09. Brooklyn Bridge (US)
In New York, the Brooklyn Bridge crosses the East River and connects Brooklyn to Manhattan. This 1,825m long (1.1 mile) suspension bridge is emblematic of the east coast metropolis.

10. Oresund Bridge (Denmark/Sweden)
The Oresund Bridge connects Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, to the Swedish city of Malmö. Motor and railway, the structure measures 7.8 km (48 miles) including 1 km (0.6 mile) suspended above the sea. Made up of four pylons measuring 204 m, it weighs a total of 82,000 tones.

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