World Amazing Stuff: Most Expensive Bread

Most Expensive Bread

Most Expensive Bread: Juan Manuel Moreno breaks Guinness World Record
The world's most expensive bread was baked with pure gold at Pan Pina bakery in the Spanish village of Algatocin, located in Andalusia; the gold leaf bread costs €117 euros ($146.40) for 400 grammes (14 ounces), and is exported throughout Spain's Costa del Sol region, Russia and Middle Eastern countries, according to the World Record Academy:.

While the gold makes the bread look super cute, it doesn’t do much for flavor, though Moreno doesn’t care since his gold bread has people coming to his bakery from all over the world to show off how much money they have.

The 400g loaves made at the Pan Piña bakery contain whole wheat dough and spelt with dehydrated honey. The loaves also contain one key extra ingredient: 250 milligrams of gold dust with a value of €100. Juan Manuel Moreno, who is co-owner of the Pan Piña bakery in the village of Algatocin in Spain, says that the gold dust he adds to his bread is perfectly edible and does not in any way threaten people's health.

The Guinness World Records' record for the most people spreading spread on bread simultaneously is 435 and was achieved by Maison de l'Emploi, de la Formation et de l'Entreprise (France), in Mutzig, Alsace, France, on 23 September 2013.

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