World Amazing Stuff: Upside down home

Upside down home

An upside down house has been attracting hundreds of tourists after it opened to the public in Shanghai, China on 25th April 2014. In an old town in the Shanghai suburbs sits a house that has been totally turned upside down, furniture and all.

Hundreds of visitors queued for the chance pose for photos with upside-down sofas and dining tables on 29-04-2014 Thursday, the first day of a national holiday. And if the world being turned on its head wasn't enough, visitors were further disoriented by the sloping floor.

"I've felt a little dizzy since I came in. everything has been turned upside-down. It's pretty interesting. But I think the real reason I feel dizzy is that the floor is sloping. That's why I feel dizzy," said 27 years old Huang Qi.

Another tourist, Sun Mingjiao, was amused by a lavatory that hung from the bathroom ceiling.
"The little toilet in the bathroom made the biggest impression on me. I think its design is pretty innovative. Normal people may not think about it this way, but when I took a look at it inside, I had the feeling that water might fall out of it. It made me feel really odd," she said.

Designed by a Polish designer and funded by a Polish company, the construction of the house started in November 2013 and took five months to complete. It opened to the public on 25th April 2014.

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