World Amazing Stuff: 15 years old Filipino wins X Factor Australia

15 years old Filipino wins X Factor Australia

Fifteen-year-old Marlisa Punzalan won X Factor Australia on Monday night, beating two others in the grand final of the reality competition that saw some of Australia's best singers battling it out for the grand prize.

She is the youngest singer to win Australia's reality talent competition on 20/10/2014. Punzalan, 15, was born in Western Sydney to Filipino parents and first wowed the judges when she sang The Beatle's 'Yesterday' in her audition.

On announcement night, Punzalan and competitors Dean Ray and Brothers 3 were narrowed down to the top 2, with Ray sharing the last two spots with her. Punzalan sang Australian singer Sia's 'Titanium' before being announced as the show's winner. She takes home the grand prize and a recording contract with Sony Music Australia. Punzalan's win comes just months after Rose Fostanes, a Filipina domestic worker, won X Factor Israel in January.