World Amazing Stuff: 15 years old girl cries, sweats blood

15 years old girl cries, sweats blood

A 15 years old Indian girl Preeti from Delhi has had to suffer being labeled terms like mad and possessed due to a serious condition that resulted after she fell sick.

It all started five years ago when Preeti was seriously ill in 2009. Soon after which she began to bleed through her eyes and skin. Assuming it as an infection, her parents rushed her to a hospital reports the Daily Mail.

Preeti, who is in and out of secondary school, said: 'When I saw blood, I panicked. I started crying and thinking what is wrong with me? What will happen to me? There were many questions in my mind but my dad reassured me that everything would be fine and convinced me it was an infection. For the next 12 months the strange symptoms did not occur.

In 2010 it got worst, it started again blood seeped from her ears, scalp, fingernails, hands, legs, balls of her feet and eyes.

While her parents kept looking for solutions and treatments, most medics wrote it off as a mental illness and refused to cure the girl. It was only Dr Shashidhar, Paediatric ENT Consultant, Artemis Hospital, Delhi who took up the case and has decided to find a cure.