World Amazing Stuff: Places to visit in Al Ain

Places to visit in Al Ain

Al Ain Paradise Garden

The Al Ain Paradise Gardens set another Guinness world record for the most hanging flower in baskets. 

This is an expansive park, the size of four football pitches, is home to approximately 10 million flowers, and 12 metre tall replica of the Eiffel Tower and it holds the Guinness World Record for the most hanging baskets, having 2,968 in total. The entrance is free.

Al Ain Oasis
In the heart of Al Ain, near Al Ain National Museum, this impressive oasis is filled with palm plantations, many of which are still working farms. The cool, shady walkways transport you from the heat and noise of the city to a tranquil haven; all you'll hear is birdsong and the rustleof the palm fronds.Spread over 1,200 hectares (nearly 3,000 acres) and containing more than 147,000 date palms of up to 100 different varieties, chose one of eight separate entrances to explore how countless generations have tapped into underground wells to keep the beautiful city green. Entry is free.

Jabel Al Hafeet rock 
Jebel Hafeet mountain in Al Ain is the highest mountain in the UAE and is the greatest driving road in the world. Stretching for 7.3 miles and climbing nearly 4,000 feet. Jebel Hafeet stands as a guard over the city of Al Ain.

Al Ain Zoo
Al Ain Zoo is one of the best Zoo in Al Ain, UAE. it covered 400-hectare (990-acre) and zoo is located in the foothills of the Jebel Hafeet Mountains in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

It is currently home to 184 species and more than 4,300 animals, including 2,500 mammals, 1,200 birds and 600 reptiles.