World Amazing Stuff: Biggest carnival in 2013 pictures

Biggest carnival in 2013 pictures

The world’s biggest Carnival took place in Rio De Janeiroa, Brazil for four-days from 08 Feb 2013 to 11 Feb 2013

The Rio de Janeiro's Carnival is the biggest and flashiest. More than 500,000 foreign visitors flock to the carnival each year to dance, shout, drink and surge around in happy mobs. Last year approximately 1.1 million people took part in the celebrations and this year festival expected to generate US$665 million in income.

The tradition of Carnival was first introduced by the Portuguese. By the 1850's socialites used it as a way to dress up in masks and costumes and parade through the town among the commoners and has evolved into one of the biggest parties in the world. A lot of samba dancing, a lot of beer drinking, a lot of tourists trying to speak Portuguese and a country that stops for almost a week to enjoy it all.