World Amazing Stuff: World’s first solar powered car

World’s first solar powered car

The world's first solar powered family car
The world's first solar-powered family car called “Stella” that can travel 420 miles on a sunny day and it can seat four and travel twice as far as an electric car before recharging.

The Dutch team has created the world's first energy positive car, which means it produces more energy than it uses. Using large solar panels that are placed on the roof of the car, 'Stella' can travel 250 miles without sunshine and on a sunny day, when fully charged, it can drive up to 420 miles. This is nearly twice as far as a standard electric car can travel before it needs to be charged up. It also has enough room to seat a family of four.

Made with the latest in lightweight materials, such as high grade aluminium and carbon fibre, the car weighs a mere 380kg, 1120kg lighter than the average electrical car. 

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