World Amazing Stuff: How to reduce stomach fat

How to reduce stomach fat

These are the best foods to reduce the stomach fat. 

A blown up stomach is not only hampers your personality but also makes you uncomfortable. The best way to get rid of such a disgruntled belly is by following a low calorie diet and practicing regular exercise so you can reduce the stomach fat soon.


1. Almonds
This is tiny food boosting vitamin E and protein, also richness in 
fibre content helps you to stay full for a longer duration. Even though they are slightly high in calories but that will not contribute to belly fat, so keep swapping a handful of almonds as snacks to curb your hunger.

2. Watermelon
This giant fruit contains 82 percent water, which helps to keep you full for longer duration and also removes excess sodium present in the body. And also rich in
vitamin C and contains barely 100 calories in one cup. So start eating this delicious fruit as a snack, if you wish to have a body like your favourite celeb.

3. Beans
consuming means on a regular basis helps to get rid of the body fat, develop body muscles and improves digestion. Beans also help to feel full for a longer duration, thus avoiding over indulgence.

4. Green leafy vegetable
All types of green leafy vegetables are extremely low in calories, full of fibre and offer several vital vitamins and minerals that help to ease 
water retention without causing the bloating and tummy discomfort.

5. Cucumber
Cucumber is an extremely refreshing and low calorie food. They contain approximately 96 percent water content, which makes it a cooling food. One full cucumber contains just 45 calories, making it sexy stomach food.

6. Avocado
This is a truly magic fruit, due to their richness in various vital nutrients. 
 is rich in fibre, which helps to keep hunger at bay and the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids helps to burn belly fat easily.

7. Oats
Oats are filling and thus help you to lose weight. Besides, it is also low in calorie and provides energy to your body slowly. It is a very good source to provide energy to your body all throughout the day, which keeps you feeling fuller for longer and can even lower your cholesterol.

8. Water
The best way to avoid stomach bloat is by keeping yourself very well hydrated. Drinking ample amounts of water helps to flush excess fluid and toxins out of your system.

9. Apples
Apples are packed with fibre, which makes your belly feel full. Thus, avoiding over eating; besides it also fills your body with maximum nutrients.

10. Peppermint
Peppermint has great healing and calming digestive properties. It is also good for removing belly fat.