Longest Fruit cake

The city of Durango, USA turned 450 years old on July 8, 2013, to celebrate the city's 450th anniversary, the city members decided to attempt the record for the longest fruit cake, said president of the National Institute of Breadmaking, Benjamín Flores Gómez.

Despite heavy rain, the cake makers from bakeries across the city arrived with the ingredients needed to make this enormous treat. To make longest fruit cake, they used a dazzling 2,823 kg of flour, 1,882 kg of sugar, 2,352 kg  of butter, and 941 kg of powdered milk, while the local hens worked day and night to provide the necessary 29,171 eggs. The cake measured with a trundle wheel before concluding that the final measurement was 423.5m (1,389 ft 5 in), beating Peru’s effort by nearly 90 meters. The longest cake which made in City of Durango set record for the world’s longest cake and it's already listed in the Guinness world record of 2014.

During several painstaking hours, the cake makers joined together the pieces of the cake and iced it before putting fresh fruit on top. The result was a beautiful and colorful cake decorated with the words "DURANGO."

The city members said "We are excited to celebrate the city's birthday with this cake and gain a world record at the same time".

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