World Amazing Stuff: World's first invisible skyscraper

World's first invisible skyscraper

The Tower Infinity skyscraper going up outside of Seoul, South Korea, will be invisible. The glass spired skyscraper, which recently received a construction permit. The skyscraper going to be built outside Seoul, South Korea. It will be “invisible” at eye level during the day but will glow at night.  This building will be built near South Korea’s Incheon International Airport.

The heights of this building will be 1, 476-foot. High rise will be visible from above, but it will look like disappears to those walking near it at ground level. The photos show how the building’s design will use cameras, computers and LED lights to make the building’s facade seem invisible. This invisible skyscraper will include a 4-D theater, restaurants, water park and landscaped gardens.

GDS Architects’ design envisions water features large enough to support boating and other activities. The Tower Infinity’s observation deck will be the third highest in the world.