World Amazing Stuff: The man lives with heart in abdomen

The man lives with heart in abdomen

A 24 years old barber Ho Zhiliang from Chaina is waiting to have surgery after living his entire life with his heart beating just below the skin of his abdomen. 

Ho Zhiliang was born with congenital cardiac exposure syndrome, a condition which is said to kill more than 90 per cent of patients at birth or shortly afterwards. After his birth, his parents were warned that he would not live long as his heart was so exposed. The parents took him home to care with their amazement, he survived.

Earlier this year Zhiliang read a newspaper article about someone with a similar condition who had undergone a surgery to place his heart back in the correct position. 

Ho Zhiliang is in the hope of receiving the same surgery and Doctors are currently forming a plan to help him.