World's most powerful electric motorcycle

Voxan Wattman is world's most powerful electric motorcycle. The man responsible for the most powerful electric motorcycle is Sacha Lakic, a Yugoslavian-born designer who is famous in his career.

Voxan Wattman needs superhero powers to get move and it’s a world's most powerful electric motorcycle, with 200hp on tap, plus a bucket load of instantaneous torque. That's 148lb ft of of superbike-taming torque to be precise. 

Voxan Wattman weighs 350kg; its performance figures are truly impressive. It will accelerate to 62mph (100kph) in 3.4 seconds, hitting 100mph (161kph) in just under six seconds. Its top speed is a smidgen over 105mph (169kph).

It’s fully charged, claims the Wattman will offer a range of 180km or 112 miles. The electricity is stored in a 12.8kWh battery.