World Amazing Stuff: Australian Couple break world record in their 60's

Australian Couple break world record in their 60's

An Australian couple in their 60's is making international headlines after breaking a world record by running a marathon-a-day in 2013. The Couple break World Record Running 366 Marathons for 366 Consecutive Days.

Janette Murray-Wakelin, age- 64, and her husband Alan Murray, age- 68, of Melbourne, Australia set the new world record when they finished their 366th marathon on January 1, 2014.

The couple achieved their challenge on a diet of raw fruits and vegetables, reportedly beginning their daily run at 5 a.m. and sustaining their energy throughout the day with fruit salads and smoothies. Additionally the couple, who ran a total of 9776,75 miles in 2013, reportedly ate upwards of 30 bananas per day.

Murray-Wakelin told BBC's program that the purpose of her and her husband's goal was to "bring a really positive message that everyone is responsible for their own health." At age 52, Murray-Wakelin was diagnosed with breast cancer and told she only had a small amount of time left to live. Instead of undergoing chemotherapy, the endurance runner began an all raw, vegan diet and fitness regime, and within six months doctors reportedly told Murray-Wakelin that the cancer had completely disappeared from her body.

The couple also ran the perimeter of Australia to raise awareness for numerous charities that seek to promote healthy living, such as the Australian Paralympic Community, Kids Under Cover and the Gawler Foundation.