Nine months baby girl takes home 1kg gold in DSF

Dubai shopping festival winner - Dyuthi Shiju, a nine months old baby girl takes home 1kg gold worth of Dh148,000. The father of nine month old baby, Dyuthi Shiju, could not believe his ears when he was told over the phone that his daughter won 1kg of gold worth around Dh148,000 on 15/01/2014 last Wednesday.

“This is the first time in my life that I have won anything, let alone 1kg of gold,” said Shiju Puthalath, an Indian, the father of the lucky little girl.

Shiju Puthalath had bought golden bangles for his wife from a Dubai Shopping Festival participating store. When filling in the raffle coupons, he wrote down the names of his entire family member, including his baby daughter, in hopes that one of them would win.

It’s surprised “My daughter ended up being the lucky winner. I have tried many times to enter the DSF raffles but it was in unsuccessful, so I was in disbelief after receiving the phone call and was only convinced after getting the gold.”

Puthalath wants to keep the gold until his daughter is old enough to decide what she wishes to do with 1kg gold. During DSF, shoppers will get a chance to bring home 1kg of gold or a one-carat diamond ring every day for 32 days.

Gold and diamond lovers who purchase gold worth Dh500 at any participating outlet in the city will be entitled to one raffle coupon for a chance to win the 1kg gold and a diamond solitaire ring.