Skating world record

Five years boy breaks skating world record

A five years old boy in Bangalore, India entered the Guinness World record Book by skating under 39 Toyota Qualis cars in 28 seconds. Gagan S, a kindergarten student at Florence School in Basveshwaranagar and his father Mr. Satish, who works at a washing machine service center.

Gagan, in 28 seconds, skated across 39 Toyota Qualis cars, a length of 69.2m and the height from the ground to the chassis of the car is just 8 inches only.

“Gagan was always passionate about skating. He started attending skating classes just one and half years ago. His dedication and commitment at such a young age motivated us and we wanted him to achieve something in skating,” said boy’s father Satish.

“Now, he has entered into the Guinness Book of World Records and we hope this will help the sport gain popularity. Skating is popular in many other countries and we want more youngsters to take up the sport in our country as well,” he said.

Earlier, the record was held by nine years old Rohan from Belgaum, who skated across 24 cars in 47 seconds.

Gagan received the ‘youngest skater award’ in the State in Belgaum in November last year. He has many laurels to his credit in skating. Gagan’s parents are now helping him to take part in the Olympics.

“Gagan has been already certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, India. It will send the video of his feet to the headquarters of the Guinness Book of World Records for its certification,” said Satish.