World Amazing Stuff: Largest cauliflower, 6ft wide

Largest cauliflower, 6ft wide

When it comes to vegetables, Mr. Peter Glazebrook likes to think big. So the man who has already grown the world’s heaviest onion and potato has now added this huge cauliflower to his record-breaking collection. At 60lb and a whopping 6ft wide, it would make enough cauliflower cheese to feed a family for weeks.

The cauliflower has beaten the previous record by 6lb and is 20 times heavier than the ones we buy in the supermarkets.

After planting the vegetable last July, Mr Glazebrook, 69, nurtured it in his greenhouse and fed it calcium nitrate, which aids cell growth and strengthens the plant.

He is a celebrity figure in giant vegetable circles for the world records he holds. He has grown the world’s longest beetroot and parsnip, measuring 21ft and 19ft, 5in respectively, as well as the world’sheaviest onion, weighing 18lb, and a potato at 11lb.

The previous world cauliflower record had stood since 1999 and was held by Alan Hattersley of Sheffield, who produced a 54lb vegetable. Kevin Fortey, a giant vegetable growing expert, said Mr Glazebrook’s latest record is a remarkable achievement.

He said: ‘The vegetables take a lot of time and dedication from the growers and are costly to produce. There has not been a cauliflower grown this big since 1999.
‘It would probably feed the entire royal family! Peter’s wife has been busy chopping up the cauliflower and freezing it.