10 year boy becomes Police Commissioner

Ten years old boy Sadiq wanted to be police commissioner for a day and his wish was fulfilled by Hyderabad Police Commissioner Mahender Reddy on 15/10/2014 Wednesday.

Clad in khaki with a cap, the terminally ill boy occupied the chair of the police commissioner while Mahender Reddy and other officers saluted him. The boy hailing from Karimnagar district of Telangana was inspired by some of his relatives working in police department and aspired to become the police chief.

Sadiq's wish was fulfilled thanks to the efforts of Make A Wish Foundation, a voluntary organization working to fulfill the wishes of children with life threatening illness.
"I want to catch rowdies," said the boy when asked what he would do as police commissioner.

Pushpa Devi Jain from the foundation said by fulfilling the wishes of children with life threatening medical condition, they were trying to give them happiness which could help in extending their life span.