Twitter Launches Digits, A New way to Sign-in without password

Twitter Launches Digits, A New way to Sign-In to Twitter without password

Twitter’s first-ever annual developer conference, called Flight, announced a new service called Digits that will allow users to log into apps on their mobile devices without user ID and password.

Instead of the traditional email ID, Digits uses a text message to sign into an app, much like WhatsApp. When users sign up or log into an app, they will get a message with an authentication code on their phone. This code will be used by the app to confirm the user's identity.

Twitter said that 300 million smartphones are to be sold in developed markets like the US and Europe, while emerging countries will account for the sale of approximately 940 million smartphones. In several emerging countries, smartphone buyers do not have an email account, and therefore are not able to sign into apps, Michael Drucker, the product manager for Flight, said.