World Amazing Stuff: Top ten generous countries

Top ten generous countries

Top ten generous countries in the World
The United States and Myanmar ranked as the most generous countries in the world. Canada is ranking at third place, Ireland at fourth and New Zealand at fifth place. 

Sri Lanka ranked ninth place at the 2014 World Giving Index (WGI) compiled by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) which looks at charitable behaviors of countries including the tendency of helping strangers, donating money and volunteering.

The United Kingdom based Foundation’s Giving Index had covered 135 countries based on more than a million interviews conducted by Gallup since 2005/06, as part of their World Poll survey.

The next five most generous countries were Australia, Malaysia and the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka and Trinidad and Tobago respectively.

Sri Lanka’s neighbors like India had ranked at 69, Pakistan at 61, Bangladesh at 72 with Afghanistan ranking at 79 and Nepal at 44 in the index.

The index report highlighted that Theravada Buddhism in countries like Myanmar and Sri Lanka had influenced and encouraged charity among the societies.

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