World Amazing Stuff: World’s first wearable drone

World’s first wearable drone

Brace up for cool flying selfies as researchers have developed what could be the world’s first wearable drone that can fly high to take your photographs. This flying camera called Nixie straps on like a watch, a range of sensors powered by Intel’s Edison chip it can dismount from your arm, shoot into the sky, take a photo, and fly right back again.

Nixie will be able to capture HD (high-definition) quality images, said its developers Christoph Kohstall, a post-doctoral researcher at Stanford University in the US, and Jelena Jovanovic, a former employee of Google.

Currently in the prototyping phase, Nixie also boasts a panorama mode for aerial 360 degree arcs; a so-called boomerang mode for taking shots at programmed fixed distances from the owner; a follow me mode for following the owner while he/she is in motion, and a hover mode for near-impossible high shots, Time reported.  The flying drone won the grand prize at Intel’s Make it Wearable Challenge.