World Amazing Stuff: Dubai sets another record as World’s largest vertical maze

Dubai sets another record as World’s largest vertical maze

Dubai set another Guinness world record after becoming the home of the world’s largest vertical maze.The 55-story tall Maze Tower is located just off Sheikh Zayed Road in the heart of the Dubai Financial District.

The building, developed by the Al Rostamani Group “Guinness World Records is thrilled to recognize and honor the Al Rostamani Group on the creation of such an iconic and unique tower that has contributed to the growth and transformation of the region,” said Talal Omar, country manager for Guinness World Records Mena.

“It is through innovative projects such as The Maze Tower, that Dubai has earned itself the reputation of being at the forefront of design and development.” The maze itself is not just a random pattern but a real puzzle.

The design uses the changing level of natural light and shadow during the day, as well as natural Brazilian Verde Bahia stone, to create a striking facade. The stone is used throughout the exterior and the dark greenish hue of the building corner posts is achieved using a water jet treatment which creates an even, matt surface.

A lighter color is used to emphasize the Maze and is achieved using a flame technique that roughens the surface and creates a lighter, more reflective surface.

The tower boasts the Maze Eye- an 8m circular video wall at the top of the building which can beam images great distances. The maze pattern can also be lit up in different colours and there is also a garden floor in the middle of the building and a roof top maze garden. Read more news

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