World Amazing Stuff: Helicopter crash at Glasgow

Helicopter crash at Glasgow

Eight people are confirmed to have died after a police helicopter crashed into a busy pub in Glasgow city centre.

Three people inside the helicopter and five people inside The Clutha were killed after the Scotland Police aircraft came down at 22:30 on 29/11/ 2013 Friday while another 14 people remain in hospital with serious injuries, the chief constable of police for Scotland, Stephen House, told reporters.

Witnesses said the helicopter dropped from the sky like a stone onto the busy Clutha Pub in Scotland’s biggest city at 10.25pm on 29/11/2013 last night as over 100 people listened to a live music concert.

It is thought that about 120 people were in the pub at the time of the crash. Many were rescued or escaped but others were trapped by a collapse on the left hand side of the building.
The three occupants of the helicopter who died were two police officers and a civilian pilot.

More than 10 hours later, emergency workers were still searching through the rubble for survivors in the shadow of the mangled blue helicopter, which was embedded in the pub’s roof.
There were three people aboard the helicopter, two police officers and a civilian pilot, when the helicopter crashed.