World Amazing Stuff: British teachers set record for longest journey

British teachers set record for longest journey

Two British teachers have broken the world record for the longest journey in a tuk-tuk after pushing their failing vehicle the last 43 miles.

Richard Sears and Nick Gough, both 28 from Guildford, Surrey, have become the first to overcome the world in their open sided 395cc rickshaw after setting off from London in August 2012.

The crossed 37 countries and covered over 23,300 miles,  and plan to travel on further to Chile, where they will have travelled the length of the circumference of the earth.

Their tuk-tuk was struck by a lorry in Malaysia, harassed by elephants in Botswana, and nearly got stuck on several difficult mountain crossings.

However, the biggest problem came in South America, when the vehicle broke down in the village of Chepen, Peru. Not to be beaten, they attached a harness to the bumper and dragged the 800kg vehicle - named Tommy - the last 43 miles to the record line.