World Amazing Stuff: Female anaconda swallows male Anaconda

Female anaconda swallows male Anaconda

A 15 ½ feet amazing female Anaconda swallowed a 12 feet long male Anaconda at the National Zoological Garden in Dehiwala, Sri Lanka on 19/12/2013 Thursday morning as reported by zoo official.

Director of the Dehiwala Zoo, Anura De Silva stated that the two animals had been kept together for mating purposes and the female Anaconda had devoured the male during this process.

He added that the snakes which were kept apart during the last few days were put together in one place as they had rejected the food given at the zoo. When put together  the snakes had then started eating the food provided by the zoo, during which the female anaconda had swallowed the male anaconda.

The snakes were donated by the national Zoo of the Czech Republic in 2003 under the animal exchange programme.

 He further said the snakes had produced a total of 35 baby anacondas during 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2013. However, the baby anacondas born in 2010 were donated to foreign countries.