World’s most expensive refrigerator

A Berlin artist has created the world’s most expensive refrigerator. The massive refrigerator named as “PRO 48" and price of the refrigerator is $64000.

The massive "PRO 48" fridge, made by Sub Zero and Wolf, would normally cost $27,000, but customers wanting the model outfitted with Berlin born artist Christian Awe's "Cool as Ice" paintings will have to fork out an extra $37,000, making the upgraded appliance the most expensive in the world.

It is also one of the most exclusive, with only ten of the uniquely decorated fridges made.

The 35 year old used spray varnish, acrylic and inks to create the artworks before manipulating the layers of color using small pebbles, Hamburger Morgenpost newspaper reported.

The artist told the Morgenpost working with the fridge's stainless steel cover had been a challenge, with fridges needing to be sanded, treated with acids and degreased before painting began.

"With the finish the stainless steel has, neither paint nor dirt will stay on there. It took weeks just to prepare the fridge to start work," Awe said.

Awe's creations were presented for public viewing at the Alsterhaus on Wednesday and will remain on display until the beginning of next year.