World Amazing Stuff: One wheel motorcycle

One wheel motorcycle

This is a special kind of magic to make an One wheeled electric motorcycle not terrifying to ride, and Ryno Motors has pulled it off. The motorcycle, which has a single 25 inches tire and reaches speeds up to 10 mph, uses a combination of gyroscope sensors and accelerator meters to balance itself. That, combined with a strategic weight distribution and an intuitive acceleration and braking method, makes this motorized unicycle from the future actually feel safe.

 It also takes about six hours to charge up fully using a 12-volt DC charger. That gives it a range of about 10 miles or an hour per charge at top speed.

The entire vehicle weighs 160 pounds, with the wheel-and-motor portion accounting for most of that (140 pounds). That makes it feel extremely bottom-heavy and rooted to the ground. It also makes it easier to pick up. The lightweight seat and frame, which are made from a combination of CNC tube benders and 3D-printed parts, rocks back and forth on the wheelbase and absorbs shock.
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