Beautiful house made by clay

Colombian artist Octavio Mendoza, 64 years old, has created a beautiful and inspiring house made out entirely from clay. He literally cooked up the house he currently lives in and calls it “the biggest piece of pottery in the world.”

The 5,400 square feet (502 square meters) house has been called Casa Terracota and is located in Villa de Leyva, a small mountain village 95 miles (152 km) north of Bogota. Due to the material used to build it and to its form, the unusual construction has been dubbed by locals the “Flintstone House.”

Mendoza, an artist and environmental activist who spent most of his career designing homes, commercial buildings and churches, put a lot of time and effort into this project. He spent no less than 14 years working on the clay house. 

“This is a project for life,” Mendoza said. “My life is my work.”