World Amazing Stuff: Best water slides in the world

Best water slides in the world

Verruckt will become the world's tallest water slide, it's taller than both the Statue of Liberty and Niagara Falls when it opens in 2014 in Kansas. Although the team behind Verr├╝ckt refuses to confirm its exact measurements, they've promised that it'll be the world's tallest when it opens later this month. The ride will feature a steep downhill section followed by an uphill section. Riders will sit in four-person rafts.

Aqualoop in Mexico
On the big attraction at Ixtapan Parque Acuatico, the drop that follows a fall through a trapdoor propels riders to 60 kilometers an hour fast enough to make it around an almost-vertical loop.

The Abyss in China
At Bali Water Park in Fushun, China, northeast of Beijing, the Abyss's 29m high, near-vertical oscillations and final, enormous bowl make it one of the world's most exciting water park attractions.

Verruckt in Kansas
Though the team behind Verruckt refuses to confirm exact measurements, they've promised the ride will be the world's tallest once it opens in 2014 at Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City.

King Cobra in Turkey
It's a game-changing waterslide and it can be found at Maxx Royal Belek Golf & Spa in Belek, Turkey. The double-tube ride is interactive because passengers race each other. It also incorporates special effects, such as hissing sounds

 in U.A.E
It's unique because it combines two iconic water rides, says Ruth McMahon at ProSlide Technology Inc. "After the first section passengers get dropped into the world's first six-person funnel ride." The ride is part of Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi.

Behemoth Bowl in China
This is the largest bowl water ride in the world with a massive 18-meter diameter," explains Ruth McMahon at theme park designers ProSlide Technology Inc. "The size and shape allows passengers to speed around the perimeter and make multiple revolutions with maximum centrifugal force." The ride is part of Guangzhou's Chimelong Water Park.

Aquaconda in U.A.E
At Aquaventure Waterpark, the Aquaconda contains the world's first slide-within-a-slide, comprising an enclosed tube slide that weaves in and out of the framework of a flume-style ride.

Super S Ride in South Korea
At Daemyung Resort, Python is one of the world's scariest water slides, thanks to several banked twists and turns, unbelievably tight corners and a six-meter-wide enclosed section that sends riders flying up the sides.

Mammoth in Indiana
As the world's longest water coaster and world's first six-person water coaster, Mammoth at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana, covers more than three acres and is just less than a third-of-a-mile long.