World Amazing Stuff: Air India Express makes emergency landing

Air India Express makes emergency landing

A Dubai-bound Air India Express flight, with 186 passengers including 20 children and six crew, from Thiruvananthapuram to Dubai had to endure an emergency landing immediately after take-off on 19/08/2014 Tuesday.

The airport officials said Air India Express IX 539 landed following a failure in the electronics system of the plane in the south Indian state of Kerala.

Air India Express flight IX 539 was already delayed by two hours due to technical faults, before it took-off only to detect engine problems again.

According to reports, the AI Express flight, which was scheduled to take-off at 4.30pm (India time) only took-off at about 7.52pm (India time) after rectifying an engine fault.

But the pilot detected the problem again and informed Air Traffic Controllers and returned for an emergency landing after flying for more than an hour. Civil Defence was ready at the airport.
Families and friends of passengers in Dubai were anxious after hearing media reports of a plane with a faulty engine flying around Kochi airport to burn off fuel.