Biggest human flag

A Incredible sights in Kathmandu when 35,000 Nepalese gathered in a field outside Kathmandu on 23rd August 2014 to break a world record for the World’s biggest human flag.

The previous record for the largest human national flag stood at 28,957 participants and was set just six months ago at the National Hockey Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan. The flag was created by Sports Board Punjab.

Just over 700 miles separate Lahore from central Kathmandu in Nepal on 23 August 2014 the flag record was comprehensively smashed.

More than 35,000 gathered together at the Tudikhel open ground to create the Nepalese flag. Nepal is the only country in the world whose flag is not rectangular.

According to its official description, the red in the flag stands for victory in war or courage, and is also the colour of the rhododendron, the national flower. The flag's blue border signifies peace.

World’s biggest human flag