World Amazing Stuff: Girl 13, stabs her 6-year old sister in SL

Girl 13, stabs her 6-year old sister in SL

A six-year-old girl was stabbed by her 13-year-old sister in Badalkumbura, Monaragala, Sri Lanka. Police say, and the reason behind the stabbing is unknown as to yet.

The parents who found the six-year old girl unconscious in need of medical attention was pronounced death upon her admission to the Badalkumbura Base hospital on 20-08-2014.

The police suspect, the 13-year old sister, fatally stabbed the six-year-old, her half sister, with a kitchen knife or a sharp objective because of a dispute between them.

However, reportedly, the police post at the hospital was initially informed by the parents of the victim that the injuries caused after their child fell out of a tree.

The 13-year old has been taken into custody, following the conclusion of police preliminary inquiry, and detained at the Badalkumbura police station, a police officer said. The sister in her statement to the police has said that “she doesn’t know what has taken place at the time,” he added.