World Amazing Stuff: World’s largest solar bridge

World’s largest solar bridge

The world's largest solar-powered bridge is located on the river Thames in the City of London. Over 4,400 solar panels compose the roof of Blackfriars Bridge in the City of London, making it the largest solar-powered bridge in the world.

A new roof was installed, housing solar panels over 6000 square meters, which is enough to cover 23 tennis courts. On a sunny day, the canopy can produce up to a megawatt of electricity.

The bridge reopened in 2012 and the installation of the array was part of a larger upgrading project involving the station as a whole to cater for more passengers and improve services.

"It generates enough electricity to make about 80,000 cups of tea a day," explains Chris Binns, head of engineering at Network Rail who led the upgrade. The use of solar power now provides up to 50 percent of the energy needed at the station and is estimated to reduce carbon emissions by 511 tons per year.

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