World Amazing Stuff: Frozen Lake in the world

Frozen Lake in the world

Frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia is the world’s oldest and deepest lake and it’s the most voluminous freshwater lake in the world. It is also among the clearest of all lakes, and experts say that it is approximately 25 million years old.

This massive white landscape is covered in a blanket of stunning ice sculptures which are creations of nature. The naturally formed ice blocks, named ice hummocks, have been created due to the extreme weather conditions.

Freezing temperatures and fierce winds causes fresh ice and ice floes to move, resulting in these picturesque blocks. The ice hummocks can reach a height of 15m (50ft) and where temperatures can plummet to minus 38 degrees Celsius.

The lake itself is a natural wonder. It is at least 25 million years old and is known as one of the largest and deepest lakes in the world. Lake Baikal also holds one-fifth of the world's fresh water.

The frozen Lake Baikal is 636km long and 79km wide, it has the largest surface area of any freshwater lake in Asia, at 31,722km2 (12,248 sq mi). The average depth is 744.4m (2,442 ft). It is the 7th largest lake in the world by surface area.

Frozen Lake Baikal pictures

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