World Amazing Stuff: Dubai's first solar powered park opens

Dubai's first solar powered park opens

Dubai’s first solar powered park-Al Khazan Park opens in Al Satwa

The re-launched Al Khazan Park has become the first Dubai park to run completely on solar power, an official said. It is part of an ongoing drive to make Dubai parks more environment-friendly and energy-efficient, Mohammad Al Fardan, head of parks and recreation section, Dubai Municipality, said.

The municipality is also opening new parks, including at least two this week, to increase green space and leisure options for residents. A new park is opening in Al Muhaisnah and Al Warqaa as part of the municipality’s Plantation Week 35, which ends on Thursday.

The park does not use electricity from the main grid, relying instead on solar power for lighting and irrigation pumps. Even the office and washrooms run on underground batteries charged by an on-site solar grid.

“We are carrying on from this example. We’ve started replacing old lighting in other parks with solar lighting. We are also raising the quality of playgrounds to best international standards,” said Al Fardan.
Al Khazan Park, which first opened in 1980, is named after the 40-metre-tall water tank centred in its garden.

Another attraction of the park is the variety of local plants, including the protected ghaf tree. Many ghaf trees from other areas have been replanted at the vast Mushrif Park in Al Khawaneej.

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