World Amazing Stuff: Gulf region’s largest water theme park in Saudi Arabia

Gulf region’s largest water theme park in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabia Qiddiya Investment Co. will construct the region’s largest water theme park as a cornerstone of its Six Flags Qiddiya City venture it was announced on Monday dated 06-05-2024.

To be named Aquarabia, Qiddiya hopes to draw visitors from around the globe with 22 attractions and water experiences suitable for all family members, as well as some “world-first” attractions, Saudi Press Agency reported. These attractions include the world’s first double water loop, the tallest water coaster with the highest jump, the longest and highest water racing track, and the tallest water slide.

Additionally, the park will introduce the first surfing pool in the Kingdom, incorporating immersive design elements themed around ancient desert water springs and Qiddiya’s wildlife.

With sustainability in mind, Aquarabia will implement advanced systems capable of reducing water waste by up to 90 percent and decreasing energy consumption. As part of the Six Flags Qiddiya project, the venture, the first Six Flags of its kind outside North America, aims to recycle operational waste, diverting over 80 percent from landfill.

Scheduled to open in 2025, both Aquarabia and Six Flags Qiddiya City are situated within Qiddiya City, forming a fully walkable neighborhood offering a diverse array of activities, accommodations, dining options, and relaxation spots.

Abdullah Al-Dawood, managing director of Qiddiya Investment Co., hailed the announcement as a significant milestone for Qiddiya and the entertainment, tourism, and sports sectors in the Kingdom.

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