World Amazing Stuff: Costliest car in the world

Costliest car in the world

Gold Lamborghini Aventador is the world's most expensive and precious car in the world, and its made by gold and platinum and encrusted with jewels, was built in Germany by Robert Wilhelm Gulpen. He has been creating luxury car models from solid precious metals for the past 12 years, quality of craftsmanship, precision, individuality and value are the trademarks of the vehicle. the value of the car is €5.5 million, approximately 26 million

The vehicle is built on a carbon fibre base which is then covered with gold, the headlights are encrusted with diamonds, and each seat will have 700 precious stones woven into the fabric.

And the project will secure four entries into the Guinness World Records;
  • World’s most expensive model car
  • Most secure showcase made from bulletproof glass
  • Most precious logo
  • Only car to be built from a 500kg block of solid gold

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