World Amazing Stuff: Largest volcano in Japan

Largest volcano in Japan

Researchers have identified the largest volcano ever documented on the planet. Called Tamu Massif, this enormous dormant or inactive volcano is located about 1000 miles east of Japan. It covers an area of about 311,000 square kilometers of ocean bottom some 1981m to 6.5 km below the water’s surface.

Tamu Massif covers an area that’s roughly equivalent to the size of the British Isles or the U.S. state of New Mexico and it is among the most massive volcanoes found so far in the solar system.

Scientists say that Tamu Massif, discovered in the Pacific Ocean, is the world's largest volcano, 60 times larger than the previous record holder Mauna Loa. “Tamu Massif” is the biggest single shield volcano ever discovered on Earth, said the University of Houston’s William Sager, who led the research.