Largest Walking Robot

The largest walking robot measures 15.72m (51 feet, 6 inches) in length; 12.33m (40 feet, 5 inches) in width; and 26 feet, 10 inches in height. Its mechanism's, fuel tank and outer shell weigh 11 tones.

It was made by Zollner Elektronik AG in Zandt, Germany and set the record for world’s largest walking robot and It's already listed in the Guinness world record 2014.

The 11 tones mechanical creature called Fanny, was created by German firm Zollner Elektronik AG. It can walk on its four legs and it’s powered by a remote control. It was built as a character in the German folk play Drachenstich.

The dragon is made up of two hydraulic circuits consisting of 272 valves, 50 drives and uses 165 litres of oil. It also has 4,265 feet of electric cables and travels at around one mile per hour using its 140hp engine.

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