World Amazing Stuff: Oluvil Harbour opens

Oluvil Harbour opens

The newly constructed Oluvil commercial port and fisheries harbour along with the ice manufacturing plant constructed in Oluvil, the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka ceremoniously opened by President Mahinda Rajapaksa on 01st September 2013.

The Oluvil harbor development project constructed at the cost of Rs. 7 billion and contractions was started in 2008 under the Nagenahira Navodaya program.

The port is with two separate basins, one is for commercial activities and one is for the fishing industry. And the Commercial Harbour has enough depth to handle ships up to 5,000 metric tons and the Fisheries Harbour can hold more than 250 fishing boats at the same time.

The commercial port comprises 330m of quay with a water depth of 8 meters, and the fishing port comprises 200m of quay with a water depth of 3m, according to the company.
The breakwater of the two harbors is 1475m long. New jetty of the Fishing Port is 260m and the jetty of the Commercial Port is 390m.

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