World Amazing Stuff: Best foods for good health

Best foods for good health

1. Apples
Apples can be eaten raw or cooked into a delicious dish. Be sure to eat the skin, it contains hearty healthy flavonoids. Health benefits are:
 Full of antioxidants
 4 grams of dietary fiber per serving

2. Brussels sprouts
Brussels sprouts are little bitter taste, so combine it with some savory sauces, like balsamic vinegar. Health benefits are:
• 1/2 cup contains more than your DRI of vitamin K
• Very good source of folate• Good source of iron

3. Parsnips
These vegetable looks like carrots; they are light colors and sweeter and nutty flavor. Health benefits are:
• Rich in potassium
• Good source of fiber

4. Pears
The sweet and juicy fruit. Cooking can really bring out their fabulous flavor. Health benefits are:  
Good source of vitamin C and copper
• 4 grams of fiber per serving

5. Rutabaga
Rutabagas are a famous Swedish dish. Health benefits are:
• Good source of fiber
• Good source of vitamin C

6. Cauliflower
The sweet, slightly nutty flavor of cauliflower is perfect for winter side dishes. Health benefits are;  help to prevent cancer
• Phytonutrients  may lower cholesterol" "Excellent source of vitamin C

7. Squash
Squash has a fine texture and a slightly sweet flavor. Because of its thick skin, it can be stored for months. Health benefits are:
• Contains omega 3 fatty acids
• Excellent source of vitamin A

8. Pumpkin
Pumpkin is sweet taste and moist texture makes it ideal for pies, cakes, and even pudding! Health benefits are: 
• Rich in potassium
• More than 20% of your DRI of fiber
• Good source of B vitamins

9. Sweet potatoes
These veggies are full or nutrition. It tastes delicious. Health benefits are: 
• Excellent source of vitamin A
• Good source of iron
• Anti-inflammatory benefits

10. Turnips
Tender and mild, these root vegetables are a great alternative to radishes and cabbage. Turnip leaves which taste like mustard leaves. Health benefits are: 
• the roots are a good source of vitamin C
• Turnip leaves are an excellent source of vitamins A, K, and folate

11. Pomegranates
This slightly sour fruit has got lot of press as an antioxidant powerhouse. The juice provides a tangy base for marinades, and the seeds can be tossed into salads to amp up the flavor. Health benefits are: 
• A UCLA study showed pomegranate juice has higher antioxidant levels than red wine
• Good source of vitamin C

12. Dates
This Middle East’s favorite is a sweet fruit which grows in desserts. Health benefits are:
• Low in fat
• Good source of fiber
• Good source of potassium

13. Kiwi
This is a sweet fruit. Its great mixed with strawberries, cantaloupe, or oranges and can be combined with pineapple to make tangy chutney. Health benefits are: 
• More vitamin C than an orange
• Good source of potassium and copper

14. Grapefruit
Grapefruit provides a contrast to other citrus fruit. Enjoy a fresh glass of its antioxidant rich juice. Health benefits are:
• More than 75% of your daily recommended intake (DRI) of vitamin C
• Good source of lycopene
• Contains pectin, which has been shown to lower cholesterol

15. Tangerines
This is a small and sweet citrus fruit. Health benefits are: 
• Good source of vitamin C
• Good source of beta carotene

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