World Amazing Stuff: Nilaveli Beach in Sri Lanka

Nilaveli Beach in Sri Lanka

Nilaveli Beach is one of most spectacular, charmed and beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka, among an infinite number of beaches around the world, which immediately envelops you in natural splendor to spend your holiday in a sandy spot. This finest unspoiled beach offers great experience to the travelers with pristine white dusty calm waves, wide sand, the abundant displays of marine life around Nilaveli and picturesque sights.

The Nilaveli Beach  about 275km away from Colombo city and is located about 15km north of Trincomalee, Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. This amazing beach is well known for one of the cleanest sand beaches in Asia and one of the purest white sand beaches in Asia.  Nilaveli Beach is one of Sri Lanka’s ideal places for travelers to have crystal blue sea water bathing due to calm waves. And this magical east coast shoreline is popular for sun baths, sea bathing, snorkeling and diving and surfing. All the water activities on Nilaveli Beach can be enjoyed throughout the year.

It is crowded from April to October by thousands of both local and foreign beach lovers. While plenty of bending palms over the golden sand enrich its’ beauty, this untouched premier beach is a perfect destination for having Scuba diving, fishing, whale watching activities and other various water sports. 

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