World Amazing Stuff: Largest Drum Kit

Largest Drum Kit

The Ambitious percussion group "Drumartic", Austria has built Largest Drum Kit and set record as World's Largest Drum Kit in the Guinness world record of 2014.

The massive 5.2:1-scale, fully functional replica drum kit. It was presented and measured in Lienz, Austria on 7 October 2012.

It measures 6.5m (21 ft) tall and 8m (26 ft) wide and was presented, played and measured in Lienz, Austria. BIG BEATS The diameters of the individual pieces are: Bass drum 2.9m, floor tom 2.11m, rack tom 1.57m, snare 1.85m, hi-hat cymbals (two) 1.73m, crash cymbal 1.98m and ride 2.24m.