World Amazing Stuff: World's biggest orchestra

World's biggest orchestra

Queensland Music Festival invites musicians across the country to converge on Brisbane to break the previous Guinness world record - World’s Biggest Orchestra set by Vancouver Symphony in 2000.

To break the record it’s require more than 6,452 people playing a piece of music, without stopping to claim the Guinness world record for World's Largest Orchestra. The final official counts were: 7,223 and Australia breaks the Guinness World Records.

Queensland Music Festival (QMF) Artistic Director and internationally renowned musician, James Morrison, led 7,224 musicians in the World’s Biggest Orchestra held on Saturday 13 July 2013 at Suncorp Stadium, smashing the previous world record of 6,452 set by Vancouver Symphony in 2000.

Queensland Music Festival announced that the effort and official Guinness world record attempt was successful.