World Amazing Stuff: All-Dock USB Charger

All-Dock USB Charger

All-Dock Charger helps users charge Multiple Devices in one time.

Majority of us owns multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, etc. The main issue arises when you have to charge them and many people have too many outlets in theirs rooms which can charge multiple devices. Even if you find an extension cable to solve that issue, it can get cluttered with wires all over the place.

However, the latest technology, All-Dock USB Charger aims to solve this issue. All-Dock charger gives users the ability to charge multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, etc simultaneously.

All-Dock Charger can charge devices ‘incredibly fast’ and can nearly charge almost all types of devices. The device comes with a very simple and clean design, which lets users hold multiple charging cables without creating a mess out of it. The docking station has a 2400 mA per USB to provide rapid charging for the device. One hub has 4 USB slots while the other one comes with six on board.